United Property Management Company (UPMC) is a hands on full service residential property management agency. Our mission is to provide quality housing in a safe environment for the many folks that call one of our facilities "Home."



UPMC was started in 1970 strictly as a Rent Collection and Eviction Service for Landlords. The Firm was incorporated in January 1, 1976. Over the years the firm has evolved and matured into a full service Development, Syndication, and Management Entity.

UPMC specializes in managing projects in sizes from 24 to 300 units and currently manages 65 apartment complexes totaling over 2,000 units located in 5 different states. The key to our 45 year history of success in this field has been in our ability to select those people, whether employees or residents, who are compatible with our theory of housing and maintenance thereof. To keep abreast of industry changes by requiring our key people to attend training seminars and to pass that training on down the chain of command.

Over the years UPMC has gained a solid reputation as “turn-around” specialists having managed troubled properties for U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Local lenders and other Apartment Owners and Developers. During this tenure the firm has managed a high of 5,400 units at one time. In 1980 it was determined to concentrate on new development and the course of activity was altered. Since that time the UPMC has grown it’s own portfolio while simultaneously reducing it’s outside fee portfolio, UPMC enjoys two certified property managers and is closely tied to the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) of Chicago, Illinois and is also a member of Cleveland Area Board of Realtors (CABOR)
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